[Solved] Stop Excess Bullet Shots

Hello! I need someones help for something THAT SHOULD BE SIMPLE yet I can’t get to work for nothing!! Settings: I have 3 bullet magazine w/ auto reload.
Problem: If I just click mouse for 1 or 2 shots, the next time i hold mouse it fires 5 or 4, respectively for a total of 6. And works fine from there UNTIL I fire a bullet individually w/o wasting entire clip WHY?!?! It should never shoot more than 3 out at a time!!

debugger: gunammo = 3 at start. If gunammo = 1 or 2 it will fire those remaining bullets + a new clip w/o reloading.

You are resting the timer “reload” at the wrong place. The way it is set up you will reload instantly and have a cooldown before reloading again. Move the reset timer action to the event below to make the reload take 1.3 seconds.

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