(Solved) Stop movement in the air?

Hi, i’ve got a small problem, i suppose it can be fixed easily but i don’t know how… Is it posible to stop movement of a sprite object (PlatformCharacter) in the air? As you can see in the picture, in my game you can’t jump, but the problem is that if the player is in a high place, he can fall and be in the brown block that you see in the pictures because the player falls Diagonal, not just straight down, i want that he just falls straight right next to the ladder… Is it posible? I try to disable the movement keys, also stop movement when the charachter is falling but the game understand that when i’m in the jumpthru platform above the ladder i’m also falling not on the floor… Any idea?

Are you using a tilemap object? If so I’d check if the tile below your character is empty. If so deactivate the platformer behaviour as soon as you are in the centre of the “air” tile (1). Then just move the player straight down on the y axis with a regular move force until the tile below the character isn’t empty anymore, then reactivate the platformer behaviour (2).

Why not just deactivate default controls, and simulate moving left and right only when the player is not in the air?

I tried everything like this lizard, if i do this, i can’t go up down on a ladder and also the program thinks that being in a jumptrhu platform is not being in the floor, it’s like falling, so not working already tries. I also thought it’ll be any easy solution but seems like not… :cry: .

Also try to add a forcé un 90°, but again also aplied to the jumpthru platform… So more problems… Quite hard aomething that should be easy :cry: .

Can anybody explain how to check if there is something down a object? If it’s posible to check it :confused:

It works well here, I tried it with the old example to simulate platforms at the top of ladders:
LadderPlatform.zip (10.1 KB)

:astonished: :astonished: :mrgreen: , as i suppose there was a easy way to do it and i didn’t find out, yes it’s working, similar to what i tried, i think the point was disable the default controls of the player… Thank you so much Lizard! Right now i think my project is already programed everything to work by it self… I’m gonna try to export it to play in a phone (i have to check how to do it :smiley: ) And then i begin to create the other 99 stages… i hope i don’t have too much problems :laughing: