[SOLVED]"Stop scene and go back" not working

Hi, I’m trying to create a cutscene in my game, the command “pause the scene and start” worked correctly, however, when going back, I tried to use the command “Stop scene and go back” but nothing happens. I tried to put the events in both the paused scene and the one that appears next, and in both cases I can’t go back to the previous scene that was paused, does anyone know how to fix this?

You should keep that timer in Cutscene2 scene

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And in the cutscene 2 scene…
At the beginning of the scene: Reset cenatime timer
The cenatime timer is greater than 2 seconds: Stop and go back to previous paused one.

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I had done it in cutscene2 the first time, but I missed “At the beginning of the scene”!

Thank you Mixen!