[SOLVED] Stopping an Event (Mouse Down/touch--create object)

I can’t find any answer or demo for what I think is a simple question. I’m probably using the wrong conditions.

I have a text on the scene: “Turret”
I click on the text “Turret” to load an image onto the scene.
The image copies itself every time I click. I only want the image to load each time the text “Turret” is clicked.

I’ve tried using “trigger once” but that doesn’t work. I’ve looked at the docs and the demos.

Thank you for helping.

You need to use both conditions mouse/cursor on h, turret and click/touch is down

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Sigh… I’ve been “head banging” over this for several days! Thank you Arthuro. That took care of the issue.

Never fear, I’ll be back with more questions.

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