[Solved] Stretch scene length

How can I create a game scene that can be as long as I want without the height limit?

I wasn’t aware that there was a limit to the scene editor. However, there is always a limit on what’s reasonable for the device your potential users will be playing on. Creating a really large map is going to consume a lot of memory.
What most “large map” games do is something called “chunking” where you break the map up into chunks, and only load the adjacent or visible chunks in the map. If I were doing that in GDevelop I would use external layouts for the chunks and come up with an algorithm to remove all objects associated with a chunk when it leaves the visible space.

There is no real limit to scenes height as long as the coordinates can fit in memory. I guess that you are thinking the scene can only be as big as the blue scrollers let you go, as this is a common misconception. You can continue as far as you want by scrolling using spacebar+dragging the scene with the mouse.

Thank You for the help