[Solved] String variables as objects

How do I…

I saw Set variable as object?, it’s from 2018 and I have no news if the situation changed, but apparently no.

I want to make a chess-like game where the pieces move following a square (then the square disappears, the pieces stop, and then the square disappers), however I’m not gonna program (program?) every single piece as an object which moves to varying positions, so I thought, “hey! What if I program just one click per piece, then the actual movement dynamically varies by piece?”

What is the expected result

I should be able to use a string as an object’s name

What is the actual result

It doesn’t accept the string as an object name

Related screenshots

F → (New users cannot send more than one embed, so I can’t show it right now)

Selected piece. A) The selection should be made per piece (since it varies between them). But the actual movement is the same: go to the invisible clicked square, so it should vary when A) happens. (F)

The workaround

As it seems it is not possible, what’s the best workaround which shall be as effective? (If it makes me repeat the movement process to every piece, then it isn’t useful, and, uh, will fill the game’s code.)

Edit: I’ll try to be smarter now on. I’ll use every piece as a single object and change squares according to sprite.