[SOLVED] Stuck with playing animations, please help

I agree with mr men here dude…
you’re screenshhot is full of repetitions and too many things happens at the same time at each frame…you don’t have trigger once where is needed…and massacred that poor jump_force global…lol… :coffin:

Eg i see that you have.set.your jump force global to false when----> character is falling, space key is pressed,space key is released…there are a lot of repetitions …
and honestly i think you overcomplicated a thing really easy to do.

I suggest to create a text debug for your global variable Jump force to see if it works as you want…or start from scratch and simplify the whole thing
create a text obj and in editor:

P.s: WAIT is bad…never use it

Thanks for the review, will redo the events and make it more compact. Seems like the extension still was not so good as I thought. Do you have any idea on how to approach the problem from scratch ? I was thinking of using the force, but I don’ want the player to jump while I hold the space key, and as the key is released so that the variable determines the length of jump as well as the direction of jump, left or right.

first go in depth on how to use “trigger once” and “timers”

Start with simple things
Use timers like

if space bar is pressed----->scene var jpress=1
trigger once ----->start jpcharge scene timer
if space bar is not! pressed---->your normal jump actions
scene timer jpcharge>=0 -----> delete jpcharge timer
trigger once
if space bar is pressed---->your jump charge actions
scene timer jpcharge>=3 ---->delete jpcharge timer
trigger once

you may need to check the release or the charge again with another timer

just as input,not copy but test it**If you’re using platformer behaviour default keys, you may need to disable em or use the abortjump action

and pls avoid creations at each frame,it’s really bad