[Solved] Teleport using key pressed help

i am new i have problem to make teleport using key when i get closer to object teleportation when i pressed but if use the same key will teleport same spot how i make work perfectly to teleport to other object but the way i am italian maybe i am bad english but i need help

i found to make english


The problem you have is that when the player is teleported from Hide to Hide2, then in the very next event the player will be teleported back to Hide. In fact, I’m surprised you don’t find your player flickers between Hide and Hide2 until you release the ‘e’ key.

Here’s a solution to your issue. It’s done with a boolean variable because GDevelop doesn’t have an if-then-else structure :


Haha, You did that after I changed my setting to Italian. Anyway, I’m leaving my screen shot as it is, so it’s a bit easier for you to understand :smiley:

thx but i dont have (imposta il valore booleano della variabile di scena) i need download?
(sets the boolean value of the scene variable) english

You have that :


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found it thx MrMen