[Solved] Text input (entry) box

Hi all,

For my game and the menu, I want to make textboxes like form fields. Like you have to click in the box to activate the actual text entry of the concerning box. There is also no insertion point (like the blinking vertcal line in MS Word), does anyone knows a way or option to create this?

You need to do everything yourself. I know, this seems complicated, but really, you can do it. Many people also do something like an on screen keyboard (for example like when you enter your name in undertale). To make text boxes/field, create a sprite for that then make a text object on top. Then you can just make a text entry anywhere, and activate it when you click on the sprite and connect the input to the text object and deactivate it when you click elsewhere.


Thanks for the answer, I’ll try to make the best of it! :joy: