[SOLVED] Text to the left when number digits increase

When the highscore increases, the number text will go offscreen. I want the text to go to the left, when the highscore increases with ‘x’ numbers. This way the last number digit will stay on the screen. Any simple and fast solution?

Which text are you using?
Normal text or bbtext

I was going to suggest BBText, but that only right-aligns when there are multiple lines of text.

I’d suggest having 8-10 individual text boxes, side by side, and then putting each digit into the corresponding text box.

I use the normal text. Putting each digit in an individual text box will be a lot of work for me as the digits change all the time.



Thanks you, that works!

I never realised text boxes resized to fit the text! :+1:

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Yeah, all text type boundary boxes resize to the visible characters (I think even spaces are trimmed).

This is why text alignment changes are only visible if it is multiline, because otherwise there’s nowhere for the text to move.