[Solved] The font problem

To obscure, how to fix it?

Some have found success in making the text much larger, then scaling it down. For example: make the font size 5 times larger than you want it to be, then scale it down to 20%.

You zoomed in?

A new Bitmap Text object is in work in progress, it is currently tested by some users, there are still fixes and last adjustments to finish before release it to the public.

Bitmap Text object will be perfect for pixel text without losing quality.
It should be ready for beta 104 105.


No zoom, the game screen size is 84x48.

Please note 84x48 is a 2:1 aspect ratio. This doesn’t exist in monitors, tvs, or any displays.

Even with the mew bitmap text object you may run i to distortion or huge black bars if your player makes the window fullscreen.