[SOLVED] The mystery of the Tween pick

Hey folks, i give you the code and stuff, then i explain what happens.
The code:

The console (read from bottom to top)

As you can see, the first time, it picks RustySword, apply a tween, and result with “Att 1” like it should be, bc it applied the tween on only one item.
Then, next click, still picking only the Rusty sword, but for some reason it resulted with 2 items in the tween, i don’t understand how.
Health and RustySword are in the group Items

This is solved, the follow up is a bug report so i’ll come back with a link.

Are multiple objects tweening at the same time? It sounds like they both ended at the same time. So, it would show 2. You could add a for each object to get their individual information.

This is what i did, and the issue is that one of them don’t have the Tween behavior x) so a ticket is on the way x)

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Bug link : Unknown behavior return true for events with groups