SOLVED The plant doesn't move

When do you want the plant to move? Currently, it looks like it will only move if both points are not inside the farm.

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Uhhhh… I’m not sure how I missed that, that was kinda obvious :melting_face:


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Ik this is kinda really random but! since there Is no point In making another post If you could answer it. I added a “Thing” to make you not be able to place Plants next to other plants but it just wont let me create them in the first place. If you dont know Just say and ill make a topic. Let me guess its gonna be real obvious aint it…

It looks good except it won’t work if there isn’t already at least 1 plant. The pick nearest and distance condition would both fail. If that’s the issue then you can create a seperate event for when the number of objects in the scene is zero.

You could also use an and and an or

Check key
If one of these are true

–If both are true
-----Pick nearest
----Check distance

–Number of objects living on scene = 0

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Gotcha that makes sense didn’t think it would completely fail on me.

Thanks once again!

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