[SOLVED] The problem of colliding with many objects with the same logic

Good day. A new problem has arisen. The first is to ignore the collision of objects with the same logic (an example is attached - Scene 2 as a game of LIFE)
You can see that some game objects just leave the stage when they should behave in the same way as others.
The second is not possible to do so that all objects that are newly created create traces. Creates only one. (everything in the example)

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You need object timer, if you want traces for each object.

I did not understand the other problem.

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All objects have the same collision behavior. If you look at the example, some objects collide and turn away from obstacles, and some move away from them, ignoring the obstacles. Although the logic is exactly the same there.

when bacteria collide, new ones form. Their behavior is the same.Some of them push off from the walls and behave normally, while others simply go beyond the boundaries of the walls.

thank you I keep forgetting about the object timer.

I see.
The problem occurs when a sil collides with a wall while another sil is already in collision with a wall.
So you need to wrap the events inside a “for each”, or probably even better, move all such events to a custom behavior applied to sil.

For each object, this did not help. Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out how to create my own events.

Please share updated project or events screenshot.

update project
download 2.0

Check if this is what you need:

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it turns out that the problem was in the behavior.Changed to a mathematical way of moving and the problem was solved.