[Solved] The sound is heard only once

How do I…

I put a sound on my character when he jumps, that works perfectly, so I tried to do the same thing when he dies, but here comes a problem.

What is the expected result

every time I die in thorns let the sound of death be heard

What is the actual result

when I die the first time the sound is heard, but if I die again it is not heard at all

Related screenshots

(sorry for the words in Romanian)

You’re changing the scene straight after you play the sounds. Try putting in a wait command before changing the scene.

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I am thinking it is playing and changing scene at same time as well, so once the scene has been changed, the sound will stop. You can uncheck that behavior in the scene properties, so that sound will carry through over scenes, that might fix the issue.

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Can you show me a screenshot or something please? I can’t find it or I don’t know where to look.

So just click next to your scenes on the three dots and select “Scene properties”, then when the window pops up, uncheck the “Stop music & sounds…” and apply. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I considered this too, but it’d be a bit strange to have the death sound playing while the level is starting up again.

omg it worked, thank you!

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