[SOLVED] Three issues with Ladder


I’m creating a platform but I’m having some issues with the Ladder:

  • FIXED if the player is on the top of the ladder, it falls down instead of staying on top
  • FIXED when going up or down the ladder, the player can be a bit off on the right or on the left but I can’t figure out how to center it every time is in contact with the ladder
  • FIXED if on the top of the ladder and I keep pushing Up, it gets stuck between the Ladder and Falling mode

Thanks for the help! :mechanical_arm:

  1. fixed: if the player in collision and on a ladder change X position to ladder.X()

also 1. is fixed with simulate ladder when on top

I’ve fixed all of them, posting here the solution for future reference in case somebody needs it


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For your 2nd event, you might also add a condition that checks that the player’s Y position is > the ladder’s Y position, otherwise your players won’t be able to jump off the ladder, I Think.

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I’ve fixed also the collision points, otherwise got some issues while climbing the ladder :sweat_smile:

Another way to solve the falling, yet not sure if useful now, is to have a going through platform below the ladder sprite/ Y position, so when you go all the way up the leader, you fall on the platform.

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