[Solved] Throwing in different directions

Hey guys,
I having trouble with throwing a weapon.
I found an example on this forum for someone who wanted to make a bullet who used variables, and tried doing the same but without variables for left and right.
The throwing animation is also stuck on the first frame, so I can’t test it out to see if it works.
Am I close to being right? Or should I change It?

I can’t see the action which start the "throw’ animation. I think that will be better this:
event line 1:
if “t” key pressed & GlobalVariable(kunai) is greater than “0” , trigger once :arrow_right: than start animation “throw”
event line 2:
if the animation of ninja is “throw” & the animation frame is “6” :arrow_right: than do nothing in this line. but put your sub events below this line.

may be. but this is just a tip. and I’m not sure, but may be the second event line need a ‘trigger once’ too.

you take the kunai and by throwing it you collide it and therefore never throw it away.


I got it! Thank you both.
This is what I have now. The animation still doesn’t play and the kunai is not being thrown from the point I added to the character, so I’m just gonna delete those.
Other than those, it works great!

if you wanted to do my solution, you miss my 2 event line :slight_smile:.
but you missed the “trigger once” condition from the line, which change the animation. I think thats why the animation isn’t play.

The trigger once condition doesn’t help at all. I tried with and without it but nothing happened. It’s not exactly what I wanted but it’s better than what I had. Thanks for trying.

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