[SOLVED] Tiled sprite looks bad over time

Hi guys, I need help what might be the reason why the game is crashing/closing after playing it for a minute.

I tried the game on my laptop and everything is fine.

My background is a tiled and I move it on Y axis every game speed pixel per second. (my maximum game speed for now is 10)

I removed unused resources from resources.

I spawn an object (power-ups, obstacles and foods). These objects has a behavior of Destroy when out of screen with a margin of 50.

And notice how the tiled background changing in the middle of the game, it became squared squared and a laggy graphics.

I added the video link to see the actual problem here.
Link: [Video](https://drive.google.com/file/d/13Zk6e16ht9ah9-dz23Ioww7niSMQiOXC/view?usp=drivesdk)

Can anyone please tell me what might be the reason of this problem?

Thank you in advance!

I think I found the problem,

I tried to set my moving background speed to 1 only.

Action: Change the Y offset of Background subtract by 1. (No condition)
But I still got the problem of getting ugly graphics and looks lagging in the middle of the game.

I removed the smoke particles that follows players. This particles always emits while the game is running.

And I tried the debugger to see the profile of my game. But I always got this message

Unable to start the debugger server! Make sure that you are authorized to run servers on this computer.

I tried to run debugger on example games and the debugger runs ok.

Why I can’t open debugger on my game?

Run GD5 as administrator.
If you use beta b92 please update to b93. There is a nasty bug with debugger in b92.

About the tiled background, you use Tiled Sprite right ?
Can you try this test build, the API graphic engine is updated. It’s important to export manually and create your own .apk !
Otherwise with the apk buil service the version will be the same as you current GD5 without the new Graphic API updated.

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Thanks Bouh, I’ll check and try it out. And for the debugger, I don’t know why it runs now. But anyways I should read about that link you provided.

Update: If someone encountered this message with profiler/debugger. I found out that it appears when you opened two or more GDevelop software at the same time.