[SOLVED] Tiles Not Generating Correctly

I am following this tutorial and have made it through part 1. To my understanding it’s supposed to be generating a 4x4 square, but in the preview there’s only one column of tiles. At first I thought the camera was covering it up, but moving the camera left did not help.

That’s what I have so far. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, so any help would be great!

there is an example you can look at to see what you doing wrong(cuz well I’ve never done this so idk how to help) the name of the example is Procedural Generation

Oh I didn’t even think about the examples so i’ll go look at that. Thank you!

The examples won’t help. You’ve got a typo, that upper case X should be lower case :

@darkshadow, if you don’t know how to help on a thread, please don’t post irrelevant suggestions. You’re sending the OP on a wild goose chase.

Oh my god I can’t beleive I didnt see that. Thank you, and I’ll get that fixed

well i thought the example would help so I gave the link to it and good point(also I guess I should look closer at the images to find the reason you found for it not working), but next time I wont try and help If idk how

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