[SOLVED]Timed force for skidding

Hi so I’m trying to make my platformer character skid to a stop when you run into a duck/crouch animation. Think Super Mario Bros 1, where you can slide under blocks. So far when my character ducks its and instant stop. I would like a few frames of momentum after you duck. I have messed with forces etc but it seems to give it a permanent force in the direction. Any one got any tips on making this happen. I’m inexperienced with timers, could these be used or is there a simplistic way to add a little burst of force in any given direction. As always cheers for any help and insight you can give.

Hi, are you using the Platformer behaviour?
You can change its Deceleration variable when the character ducks and stands up again.

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Thanks, sort of got it working. Just need to adjust so it only happens when running

Ps thank you.

This seems to work really well. Plus a lot more simplistic that what I initially was trying. Should add “X” is the key I’m temporarily using for run.

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