[Solved] Timer don't work

Hello Greetings to all Members.

I am absolute Beginner. My First Project to learn is a Platformer Game.
And Sorry my English is bad. I try to learn it as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Now I create my first enemy who can Shoot a Ball. At the moment when Player is 400px in near of Enemy, Enemy create the ball and shot it. It works but there are to many balls, it look like a Laser.

I want one Ball every 3 Seconds!

If I create a new Timer Enemy don’t create the Ball.

If I clear Condition it Works in Laser Mode:-)
That’s my Problem.

Thank you have a nice Day!


Welcome to the forum. Timers need to be started to work. Most of time you can just use a at the beginning of the scene condition and a start (or reset) the timer action. Unless you need to wait for something else to happen first.

I just posted this to a different thread.

This was to spawn enemies. It checks the # of instances on the scene and if <= 6 it chooses a random SpawnPoint object as the spawn location. You don’t need to check the instance count all the time but it helps with enemies.

Hello Keith_1357

Thank a lot for your Help ! But I need to understand why the Time don’t Start if I do it like I do.

Timer should Start if Player is <400 pixel to New Sprite 2. Or think I wrong?

Your Solution I need to try out at a later Point of my Project.

Thank you have a nice Day

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Hy Keith_1357

Ohhhh It is solved. Hahahahaha :joy: :joy:

I looked at your Picture long Time.

Bamm… I check it and make a copy:

Start (or reset) the Timer “E3T” to At the Beginning of the Scene and it Works! :joy: :joy:

Thank you Keith_1357