[Solved] Timer slowing down

I have used timers so many times in my game, but never faced this issue. It runs with perfect speed in the start but continue to slow down as the time passes.

I am not sure if this issue has anything to do with TimeFormatter extension. If yes, can anyone suggest how to show time in HH:MM:SS format and save/load it in global variables>

Hi TrinityNeo, there might be something in your game causing it to use a lot of resources which will affect how well the timer is counting. When I had a similar problem this advice was helpful.

Also, some good info here

Thanks for the inputs. I checked the debugger, but did not found any issues that might be impacting the performance of the game. I noticed one issue due to missing font which I fixed, but there is no significant improvement in the timer performance.

In addition to the above, I also.

  1. Converted few group of events into functions. Most of them are non-repeatable events and therefore I don’t know it will impact the performance.
  2. Tested the application in both preview and build. The timer issue remains same in both desktop app and mobile app.

Are there more accurate ways to replace timer to remain consistent across different systems?

Here is some more info from the second link above. I haven’t tried it, but it might be helpful to you.

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Thank you! That was indeed useful. To be on the safer side, I switched to Time() expression with datestamp instead of scene timer.

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