[SOLVED]Timestop Explosion simulation help

Hey there,
as usual i’m asking for some magic help for this problem:

basically i’ve a lantern that, when hit, an explosion is applied to simulate the push of the collision.
I’m using the explosion extension…and the effect is awesome…The question is:
Is it possible to pause the game (eg with set time scale for layer or scene) and then resume the simulation from the same position ( i mean follow the trajectory) cos for some reason the lantern keep falling even with time is stopped.

i mean i need something that can for example stop for a second a tennis ball in midair (cos i’m entering a menu) and then keep following trajectory when time resumed…for some reason i can’t stop the explosion push in mid air…

I wonder if it can be done…or better…can phisics simulation be stopped by time scale?

I like the effect so much (and the simplification) that if possible i don’t want to use instant or permanent forces.


I think you are using the Physics2 behavior for the object. Change the type to static for the object by using a condition and use the set as static action.

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Under [other actions] [physics Engine 2.0] there’s an action world time scale that sets the physics time scale for all objects.

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Thx both of you.
Keith suggestion worked,…the bad thing is that i have to declare the object to stop,
im gonna make a group in the editor. Thx