[SOLVED ]Top down animation issue

i am building an isometric shooter, i am having issues with my player animations. all of my other player animations work besides my up idle animation. it walks instead of standing still.

Is the walking in the right direction?

If so, it suggests that the variable walk is set to 1, and idle is set to 0. Maybe check the variables are set to the values you expect, and if they’re not, check your events to work out why.

Interesting “bug”, but I have noticed in my top down games that for walking animations based in angle, as I see you are doing, Walking works with 270, but Idle works with -90.

I am not sure why, but the angle of the object returns a different value for up if it is moving or not.

My way to change the animations is using an Status variable (Idle, Walking) and the round value of the angle divided by 4.

Try to check the value you are getting from the angle when idle, so you can see if the problem is the same.

I hope this helps.


i swapped my idle and walk animations. so my idle is 0-3 and my walk is 4-7 and that seemed to fit it. i got it from your pictures of your animations.

thank you so much!!

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