[Solved] Top down Heart beast RPG like in Gdevelop but got sprite jump when moving

Hello there.

I try to learn HeartBeast RPG tutorial for godot but i make with Gdevelop.


I 'm not sure what i did something wrong or it 's a bug. Thanks.

This is map shown collision red sprite

Player collision mask

my code

Can you show the sprite points? Are they the same for all animations and frames? Are the images in the same position relative to the origin for all frames of all animations?

If you disabled the “Player is moving” event and ran the game, does the flickering/jumping still happen?

I think your sprite getting affected by squeezing when you try to go between two blocks in the scenes (2 red block (2x2) ) can you please make the way broader and try passing between again ?

Another thought - is the collision mask the same for all player sprite animations and frames?

Yeh!!! that 's right. i 'm never see that option before. Thank you very much.

So that fixed your issue?

yes, the problem is fixed. thank you.

just want to share to everybody who may stick with this issue.

just turn on share same collision masks for all animations in green circle. and

turn on share same points for all animations.

and thank you very much MrMen and others for help too.

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