[Solved] TopDownMovement diagonal animations not fully working

Complete beginner here! So I’m trying to add my own animations for all 8 directions in TopDownMovement. My game is a topdown rpg. I don’t know how pressing 2 keys (for example) should be expressed in the events, but this is what I came up with:

It almost works. Up, down, left, right and idle work. UpLeft works. DownRight works. But DownLeft and UpRight do not. What’s wrong? How could I fix this?


When up-right is pressed, the first two event conditions in the snip below are met:

However, since right up is pressed, the third event’s condition is also met, overriding what happened in the previous event.

Did you mean Up instead of Right? If yes, then I’m understanding.
How should I sort these events then, so that stuff like that doesn’t happen?

I figured it out. I didn’t understand how easily this can be solved using multiple conditions. It works perfectly now.
For other newbies, here’s how to do it (likely far from optimally)

Err, yes, sorry :grimacing: I was 1/2 asleep when I responded. I’ve corrected it

And thanks for sharing your solution.