[Solved] Touch effect works for computer but not phone

Greetings, all,

So I’m working on transferring my game to a format for phone/touchscreen, and I’ve run into a problem: the configuration I’m using works great on my computer, but not when I test it on my smartphone.

My ship is set up to thrust when the onscreen button is pressed, and stop thrusting (basically coast) when the onscreen button is not pressed. On the computer, this works, but when I put it on my phone, when I touch the button, it thrusts and continues to thrust even after I take my finger off the button.

Here’s what I have for a configuration:

Do you hide/disable the cursor anywhere in your project?

“The Cursor/Touch is on” event means “The mouse cursor is over this position”.

It is also considered a “Single touch” event condition meaning it doesn’t support multitouch. When using a mobile device, single touch events are treated as a “virtual cursor”. This means that unless you touch somewhere else, the cursor stays ontop of where it was last located.

You should be adding “The left mouse button is clicked/touch is down” as an additional condition to these events. This means that they will only activate while the mouse cursor is clicked or when the touch is actually down.


I did not. Didn’t realize that was an option.

Thank you! I will work on that today (especially since we got a snow day and school is closed!)

That did the job! Thank you!

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