[SOLVED]Touch position with multitouch? (Move mouse cursor when touching screen NO)

So i have these events to tint player to red if cursor or touch is left from CameraX (center of screen)
And to green if it is right from it
Now it works perfectly fine on mobile if i have Move mouse cursor when touching screen disabled (or by default set to yes)

Try on mobile and it works just fine

Now if i enable last event
So mouse is not moving anymore with touches

It automatically tint player to red (left from center of screen)
Even so i did not made any touch

But clicking anywhere on right or left do not tint player to green

How do i get it to work?
Do i need some additional condition?

New touch has started:
Repeat for (amount of touches in this frame)
Then use a variable in an expression to loop and get the identifier of every touch, and check their X position.

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Well that was easy
Thx it works perfectly

There is also a link to an example in this documentation if someone wants to copy-paste the events.