[Solved] Turning animation with PlatformerCharacterAnimator

Hi! I’m trying to recreate Super Mario Bros. physics for my fangame, and I have most of the basics sorted out except for having the character play a short turning animation when changing direction. I have the animation itself all ready to go for all of my characters so far, but I have no means to implement it. Is there a way to use it in tandem with the already-built in PlatformerCharacterAnimator, or do I have to set the movement manually? Please advise.

Here’s my events sheet for Mario, in which I’ve already implemented the ability to run while holding “z” and not change direction in the air while maintaining that Mario will change directions while on the ground, like the original game.

There is an action to disable behaviors. You could use it to play your animation and enable the behavior at the end.

I’m not quite sure how I’d utilize that… I don’t want to disable his platforming behavior.

I meant the animator.