[Solved] Tween easing options suddenly missing

In the past when adding tweens etc. there was always a dropdown list of available easing options for me.
It no longer does that, so I tried adding them manually but nothing I’ve tried works except for “linear”. The object just sits there.

Is this a known bug with the current release? I couldn’t find mention of it in my googling. Or have things changed slightly and I’m doing something wrong?


Yep, this is fixed in the next release. You can follow current fixes here: Commits · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

Any changes since the last “Bump to VERSIONNUMBERHERE” will be in the following release unless they’re outright reverted from breaking something.

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Oh, beautiful. Thank you for such a quick response!

EDIT: Do I mark this as Solved somehow? (It essentially is, as much as it can be)

No worries, just update the title as [Solved] and a mod will come along to lock it later on.