[Solved] Tweening to left and forth


I have used this behavior to move my object to left and forth,
but when it stops moving to go right and starts to move to left it doesn’t stop and keeps moving the left.

Should I use a boolean variable in this case like programming languages or develop provides an easier method?


Keep using the tweens, but use them correctly. Use the following as a guide for the events you’ll need:

  1. Name the left moving tween “MoveLeft”, and the right moving tween “MoveRight”
  2. When the “MoveLeft” tween has finished, remove the tween and start the “MoveRight” tween.
  3. When the “MoveRight” tween has finished, remove it and start the “MoveLeft” tween.

If it still doesn’t work, [post a screen snip.

Thanks, Now it works.