[Solved]Unable to install 'Bounce' extension

Getting this error when trying to install ‘Bounce’ extension in my project

I am using GDevelop 5.0.0 beta83

This is affecting existing projects using the same behaviour

Would you be able to send me a game showing the error?

How do I send it?
Do you need the json only?

Open GDevelop
Go to File menu → Create Project
Go to Examples → search for ‘Breakout’ and select the tutorial project
This will show you the error.

I can’t reproduce the issue on macOS with beta 83 :thinking:
What’s your Windows version? Is GDevelop installed in a special folder? Can you export other games to a local folder without issues?

GDevelop cannot write the extension file on your harddrive/ssd, you need start GDevelop 5 as administrator.

Could be also your antivirus blocking/limiting GDevelop. Make sure you have added GDevelop to exception/ignore list in your AV settings.

This worked. Thanks.