[solved] Unexpected jump behavior

I have a platform character. If the player quickly dobbelt tab the shift button the object get stuck in a jump cycle until the player hit shift again. How do I get rid of this so it only makes one jump when player press shift?

Try the ‘Trigger once while true’ - condition.

i tried implementing it like this. But did not work

do something like

condition- RShift Key is pressed, trigger once action- Simulate pressing Jump key for Player

I have tried different variations of this with no luck

This should work.
Open the examples with the jump and see how it’s done.

weird the event looks right so bug was the key was like getting stuck in the game aka jump happening all the time right? if so idk how to help sorry unless there is other events or something in settings or the way you testing or the keyboard idk how to help as I would assume it would be a bug of the engine

I just tested the platformer example and made a small test project. In both cases I could press shift as much as I wanted and I could jump without any weird side-effects. ‘Trigger once’ is also not necessary.

You can test that yourself by loading the platformer example.

@Drona @darkshadow @gBot I am starting to think it is my pc and Gdevelop that has issues with each other.
I also have other issues when I have Gdevelop open, like all links in Chrome opens a new page. Clicking the chrome icon opens a new page instead of bringing the ones I already have open to the foreground.
I also think it messes with the shift key making it stuck in some kind of way. It seems that dobbel tapping shift is like pressen caps lock.

What happens if you run the webversion of the platformer example? GDevelop 5

Not sure I will try
A export of my game: https://anguishedpoiseddeprecatedsoftware.wikinggaffa.repl.co/

Same on the web version

Then it is not a problem caused by Gdevelop (I would guess).

I think I have found the issue.
Windows “sticky keys” . When you hit shift 5 times windows thinks you are asking for a sticky key.
I think it is what I experience.

Instead of turning off sticky keys on my pc, I better redesign the controls so players are not experiencing the same.