[Solved] Update your target API level

Update your target API level by August 31, 2024 to be able to release updates to your app.
I have this problem in Google Play console, what should I do?

Hello and welcome.

There is good news, GDevelop Android exporter now supports API 34. If you still have the file of your game, you can open it in GDevelop, change the version number according to your versioning scheme, export it for Android with the one click build, and use it to update your existing app bundle in Play Console. If you prefer to manually build it, be sure to check out the Apache Cordova Blog for breaking changes.

If you update and the app is still flagged for needing API 34, check out your testing tracks. Choose to update them, and choose to update them from an app in your library. Then select the app you just uploaded.


Great Lucky, that’s very good news. thank you so much

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