[solved]Upload project for help

How can i upload my project on this forum? I am hoping that someone can check it out and help me fix some problems that are stressing me out.

you can use https://wetransfer.com/

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Mediafire is too easy.

Hey guys,
Sorry I didn’t reply. My mouse broke and I had to order a new one.
but thanks for the reply.


Let me know if this works.
If you want to download it and help me figure out my animation problems, I’d really appreciate that.

  1. Upload your entire folder of your project. :wink:
  2. what are your problems in your project.:thinking:

my bad. should’ve thought about that.
There are three animation problems that are giving me problems.

  1. The attack and jump attack animations are stuck and not playing. I put the condition press A for attack, and press A when jumping for jump attack.
  2. My ledge grab animation works fine, but I’m really having trouble getting the character to grab right at the ledge and not lower like in the project.

merge your all animation and create them again as stand alone sprits ( instead of one sprit with so many animation , create one sprit from every animation like attack ) then rebuild your game and test it again . be care your all animations have a same area to act. like 120x100 pixel

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I have only modified some events of the jump, slide and attack, but not perfect yet pero deberas analizarlo

backup your original archibo if you want and
replace it with this

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it, @hoar

Is there a way to merge the sprites in gdevelop? or is there a program that you know that i can use

I don’t know if I understand your question but giving you an answer is yes.


if you want condition or put it empty


-do the pocision (x) of sprite1 = sprite2
-do the pocision (Y) of sprite1 = sprite2