[SOLVED] Use animation in behaviours

Hello every one,

I am starting with Gdevelop and I have a very noob question

I am customizing a simple object behaviour where the character moves and animate when it moves.

I could make it walk without problem; however I don’t find the way to set animation to my object.

I don’t find the animations option when I look for it by clicking on object and when I enter it manually, It says the object does not exist (see the picture)

Do I miss something ?
What is the good way to set animation via behaviour ?

Thanks for your help

To confirm, Object is a sprite object, right? Not a tiled sprite, or a group name, text or anything else?

Object I wanted to apply the behaviour was an sprite, but thanks to your question I remembered you can define to which kind of object apply the behaviour (see the picture).
I set it on sprite and my problem was solved.