[Solved] Value of scene timer bug in Geometry Shape tutorial?

Good Morning.
I want to ask, I’m following the Geometry Shape tutorial on the wiki, but I’m stuck in the value of scene time. So my problem is the geometry stuff doesn’t went down based on seconds. I’m using the latest version of GDevelop, if I conclude in the value of scene timer, there’s a change, right? Then how about adjusting to the tutorial? Here i attach the comparative between condition if i follow the tutorial and if i copying the condition from the existing game

The condition and action of value scene timer if i follow the tutorial

The conditionvalue of scene timer if i just copying from the existing game

Thank you.

Hi Poernama, welcome.

Do you meant the Geometry Monster tutorial? I’ve completed that, but I’m also a beginner. I checked the links you included and they go to a google drive page that asks me to request access. I’m not going to do that and others might not want to either. Can you instead post screenshots of the parts you need help with? You can paste them right here into your post.

Sorry, i forgot for change the permission.
Here the screenshot of the condition if i follow the tutorial.

And this the screenshot of the condition if i just copying from the example game.

I see that the wiki page with the example was updated recently, but I think they forgot to put everything in. Or it’s on another page.

Here’s an event I created and put it at the start of the event sheet. If I didn’t put this in, it wouldn’t work. GDevelop changed the way they did timers recently and maybe they forgot to update that part of the tutorial. The old example game would still work without the extra event, but new ones won’t.

This is the relevant wiki page for the shapes:

Just checked again, my mistake, they have updated the tutorial, so maybe you somehow were viewing the old version? This is a screenshot from the wiki

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Thank’s for the information. I will try it again.

It’s works fine. Thank you for your help!