[SOLVED] Video in GDevelop isn't playing, but the sound is there

I’m trying to insert a video into the game. The sound in the video starts playing, but the image itself is not shown. The first time I inserted the video everything was working.
I just wrote “At the beginning of the scene” - “Play the video”.
What should I do to make everything work properly?

If you are checking this on Browser until the user interacts with the game nothing will happen, same for music/sounds

The thing is that I was interacting with the game before the video started playing. The sound from the video works perfectly, but the image of the video itself isn’t visible.

Post some of the events so we can check, a screenshot or a gif

(ok i can’t insert the gif here as well as more then one picture, but alright i guess)

The video is just grey screen

Thanks for replying by the way

I am pretty sure you must wait a bit before playing and not play it directly to give it the time to load

add a timer at the begin of the scene like Reset timer “PlayThisVideo”
Condition: Add an event Timer “PlayThisVideo” is greater than 0.25 seconds
Play the video BeginingCall
Delete timer “PlayThisVideo”

Everything’s working now!! Thank you very much!