(Solved) Vitual Keyboard Does Not Input Numbers

I am using the virtual keyboard extension for my game. But I noticed when the virtual keyboard pop up and I type using it, only alphabets show up but not numbers. How can I fix it?

IIRC, there is no fix aside from making your own on-screen keyboard.

So can I assume this problem is a bug?

I just tried the text input example on mobile, I have numbers above the letters and a key next to the space key to switch to a full numerical keyboard. Can you check it on your side?

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Sorry I think I didn’t declare the problem clearly. What I meant is that when I click on the input bar the mobile keyboard shows up, I typed with alphabets (with alphabets buttons) and numbers (with number keys in the numpad) but only alphabets shows up on the input bar. Also OK sure, I will try the example

Yes I think this example helps me a lot. At first I am using an old method which is using text and text entry objects to create a textbox that receive user’s input. Adding on, I used the virtual keyboard extension which open a virtual keyboard in mobile phones for the users to type. But this example showed me another newer and easier way which is using the experimental text input object which can directly receive input and open a working virtual keyboard if the user is using a mobile phone. Thanks!