[SOLVED] Water splash physics?

I’m just curious, I saw a thread about 2D water physics like in Rayman Origins, Ori, or Mario bros U.

Like this.


To which some have replied Gdevelop isn’t capable of such physics yet. Well…How about now?

Gif used is from this thread.

It may be possible with a combination of rope and prismatic joints. Apply a rope joint between neighbouring nodes, and Y axis prismatic joint to each nodes and the red line.

An extension was just recently added to the community extension list for Dynamic Water. It might be able to assist you on what you’re trying to accomplish. I haven’t touched it so I can’t provide any guidance, but if you enable community extensions in your extension list, you should be able to find it by searching “water”


Alright, I finally figured it out. Thanks to a fellow user whose video is down below.

I’m just going to leave this here if anyone else wants to use this feature.