[Solved] Waypoints for Pathfinding

Hello. I need to know the coordinates of the points (nodes) along which the path for the pathfinder function is built. For example, in Scirra Construct 2, you can easily get the coordinates of the nodes:
“0” - means 1st node of pathfinding. “1” - 2nd node etc.

Can you add this feature? This is necessary to use Pathfinding and Physics at the same time. Thanks.

Sorry, I found this feature :sweat_smile:

Node are where the character change of rotation to the next node ?
This is interesting action for pathfinding :cowboy_hat_face:

Here one part of the source code of the engine about pathfinding.

I working a another big thing, but i keep it on my todo list.

He already found a solution, you can remove it again from your to-do list.

Indeed these example use the expression for create object on node

Scene variable "indexOfNode" = Tank.Pathfinding::NodeCount()