-SOLVED-Weird object creation duplication problem


I found out about Gdevelop a few days ago and I’m learning how to use it, I completed the “tank game” tutorial so I just went ahead and started doing some modifications to it.

Now, I have this one problem I can’t wrap my head around, I did this thing so a “threadmark” object is created when you press any of the directional keys ( In this case WASD) it works ok (kind of) the object is created exactly where I need it, BUT, it’s somehow created again at a different position, which looks weird and it’s not what I intended.

I double and tripple checked the whole structure of the " code" and I’m uploading a picture, that’s where the only reference to “threadmark” object exists. I’m also uploading a picture of the actual result I’m getting.

Hope someone can figure this out because I can’t and I’ve trayed for hours now. :unamused:


Does the tank have multiple frames in the animation?, maybe you’ve forgotten to set the point in one frame, if a point is not found GD returns the origin point, which seems like the bad object’s position there :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks, that was exactly the problem!