(Solved) What is the refresh rate (rate of changing to another ad) for admob ads in Gdevelop

I’ve pretty much thought about just creating a timer to remove an ad banner and put a new one back every minute but I’ve read there is already a set refresh rate for admob ads, how do I change it and what is the default refresh rate

I can’t seem to find any info about it online

The optimized rate is calculated using AdMob historical data to ensure the ads shown in your ad units are being refreshed at the best rate for banner ads. You may also set a custom refresh rate of 30-120 seconds or disable refresh rate completely.

I already read this online, my question is how do you set a custom refresh rate, right now I’m basically just using the admob functions in Gdevelop to remove and then reload a banner at a set interval

Forget it, it would probably be way more complicated to edit the refresh rate in the code in android studio than to just remove and reload banners, I’ll stick to this

I’ll still test out a banner without my conditions and events to see what the default refresh rate is, but if its more than a minute I’ll just use my setup

I think it’s located on the same page below the application Id while setting up your ad unit on Google admob.
(if I can remember clearly)
Ps. Its been a while since I used admob

If you don’t use admob what do you do, monetize with shopify? (surprised I got a reply back that fast, thank you)

@Gruk mentioned something about amazon ads but it requires knowledge of java script