(Solved) What is the user tutorial and how do I get to it?

There are two badges that say do the basic, and advanced user tutorials. I’ve looked around a lot and can’t find them. Sorry if this is really simple and I’m just blind and didn’t find it yet. Appreciate any help :smiley::smiley::smiley:

For the badge to mention a user:
He is the greatest :smiley:

I’m addicted to badge collecting

For the badge to link something:

IDK why I’m addicted to badge-collecting, I’ve just always liked collecting things :confused:

For the linking another topic badge:

A great example game which helped me out a lot

Oh also got quoting someone badge

I’ve looked at this before but it doesn’t answer my question on where are the user tutorials?

Thanks for your help! But I still didn’t get the badge :confused:

maybe someone who has the badge can help?

I’m not interested in the tutorial, I already know the basics of GDevelop, I just want that sweet tasty badge for doing the basic/advanced user tutorial

The badge is called “Certified” and it says:
“Complete our new user tutorial.”
There’s also “Licensed” badge:
“Complete our advanced user tutorial.”

it’s fine, someone else who has it can help, I mean 79 ppl have the badge

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The badges are not made to make people spam topics, mention people for nothing etc to get them. All the fun is in seeing you got one while just using the forum casually and thinking “well cool I stayed long enough here to become more familiar with the tools provided and now I get some “awards””.

For the user tutorial badge you only needed to read the rules messaged to you by a bot when you joined the forum.


I’m sorry I won’t do it again


I found the user tutorial thanks mod can delete this topic if they want

i finished basic user tutorial i still don’t know where advanced one is but it’s fine just delete this post :disappointed_relieved:

ok yeah… i understand, thank you

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