[Solved] Wheel joint not working properly

I would really like to use a wheel joint instead of a revolute joint, but every time a try to use that, it goes out of whack. Hopefully I can explain it in an understandable way since I don’t have a video of it.

The ‘prismatic’ part of the joint meant to simulate suspension acts like it has broken off partly.

It spins around like on an elastic, stretching out more the faster it moves then back in as it slows.

Instead of moving rigidly up and down relative to the vehicle, it spins instead.


I started with the Physics Car Race sample, but that just uses default values. They worked fine with what came with it, but breaks once on my own self-made sprites. (I copied those sprites and then changed the images/bounding/physics values.) Changing the wheel joint values has insufficient effects.
Very confusing.

Any help, please?

Can you provide screen shots of your events that set up the wheel joint, and of all the parameter settings for the wheel joints?

Here you go.
In the wheel setup, you can see both default and custom values.
The in-game one shows both have the same issue.

You’re creating a wheel joint between the wheel and car body. Try making it between the car body and wheel i.e. swap the RapidWheel1.X("Center") and RapidBody.PointX("RapidWheelF"), same for the Y points, and then do the same for the second wheel.

Otherwise I suspect the prismatic joints might be applied as if the wheels are the main structure.

And change the order of objects in the beginnig of scene event :

Thank you very much, that fixed it! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

The same thing happen to me and I tried to change the order and it didn’t work well… this is it :

can someone please help me ?

Can you start a new thread? Although it’s a similar issue, it could be a different in cause. Include the screen shots of the events you have, and the parameters of the joint definition.

Ok but can you still please help me

Sure, just link the new thread in this one. I’ll get notified when this one changes.