[SOLVED]When i add audio file to game, the audio gets deeper

The audio gets deeper and it becomes hard to understand. I couldnt find anything to solve it.

HI @btl,
I have a doubt: is it possible that you play the file more than one time ? can you share the code ?
What kind of fil are you playing ? What is the file size ?

yes we play the file more than one time cuz the player need to listen that again and again. its a mp3 file and the file size 4kb.

Hi btl. Jumpingj means that the sound is playing multiple times at the same time. If you put a Trigger once condition in for each click event, the sound will only play once. Right now it takes a certain length of time for the user to click the button and the sound will get called to play again and again for that time period.

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we dont play multiple times at the same time. we need to listen the voice multiple times but not in the same time so if we put trigger once condition, the user probably cant play the game. we play the sounds at first it sounds good when the sounds stop we tried to listen again and it stars to get deeper.

Please, insert ONCE in each condition block.

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but if i do that the user cant listen again and we need to listen that again that how you play the game

btl, if you would like the sound to keep playing then change loop to yes. But still put the trigger once in so that there’s only one sound playing at the same time. Just imagine five different phones playing the same song at almost the same time. It won’t sound good. That’s what’s happening with your events.

Hello @btl,
what is your target ? To play the sound while the sprite is pressed ?
If yes:
inserting loop option in the play command
insert once in all conditions box.

insert a new box: condition: when the button is release / action: stop the music.

It will correct the bug.

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it worked thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thank youu we solved it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: