[Solved] “When instance of <object> created” condition

Simple as it sounds, returns true at the moment that an instance of is created.
Also picks the created instance.

EDIT: You can create an extension and have a blank condition that activates on object creation. Then use “Behavior <behavior name> of <object> is activated” to get the response.

This condition check if there is at least one “NewSprite” instance


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In addition to what jumpingj is mentioning above, what you’re describing is what happens today in actions.

When you create an object instance using the “Create an object” action, all actions in the same event following that action already select that created instance and apply only to it.

Also, if you really need to call it out separately from that process (which in most cases you shouldn’t), you can create an object behavior that has an “on created” state for events.

Because of the above options I’m not sure there’s a need for a separate condition.