[Solved] Where does the object 'Enemy' come from in the Platformer Example?

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In the platformer example, many tests are made against the object ‘Enemy’, which seems to be a defined group of some kind.
Only, there is no object named ‘Enemy’, there is ‘SlimeWalk’ and ‘Fly’, and they do trigger all those ‘Enemy’ conditions.

How exactly are they designated as ‘Enemy’?
(And by extension, where would I find more documentation on this mechanic)

It’s an object group. ^^

Both “SlimeWalk” and “Fly” are part of the “Enemy” object group, and so, they’re all affected by the events targeted at the “Enemy” group.

And here’s the page in the documentation that talks about it!

Hey man, while the topic is object group.

I hope both the OP and you don’t mind me asking this.
I wanna ask is it not the same with Tags?
And can you give an example of what tags being used for in a game project?

This is helpful, and there i was, individually setting up bad guy 1 and very bad guy 10…

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Tags are used to make searching for a similar type of objects easier.
Suppose you use a tag “enemy” for the “SlimeWalk” and “Fly” objects.

Now, you can filter the objects tab to display only those objects that have that “enemy” tag. It’s helpful in cases where there are too many objects and thus, makes searching a lot easier.

Objects from different groups can have the same tags too. It’s just a way of classification.


Great, thank you MayhemCats for the answer :wink:
Object Groups… of course. Sometimes one doesn’t see the forest for all the trees blocking the view xD

And on the way I learned about tags, cool =D