[Solved] Why does the image quality change?

Why does the image quality change?
When exporting the game



There is no effect

Is something wrong there?

This is related to your hardware or your image file.
I recommend to open your image on paint and remake an export.
About the hardware we can’t help you.
If you want make an web online export and share the link here, but i’am pretty sure your hardware is outdated.

I tried it on my galaxy S10 :thinking:

Using an s10 doesn’t really change Bouh’s statement.

It is still likely an issue with your art assets or with the hardware you are testing it on. Could be something as simple as using Samsung Browser instead of Chrome, or something as complex as the type of compression being used in the art asset.

We’d need a web export to further test.

Excellent web export
Only the problem is in the APK

To clarify: We’re asking you to re-export your project using the web option, and provide a link.

We’re not asking to test your apk.




There is still no link to test the game on a PC.
We can’t help you if you don’t want…

Just one thing is your sprites are bigger than 2048px? If yes you should stay under 2048px for mobile.


Just to add clarity here: we don’t want the APK, we want a link to the web export, or an upload of the project itself.

With the web export we can look at the debugger for oddities, with the project we can look at your resources for oddities.


Many thanks, genius
The problem has been resolved
Because the button size is over 5000px
I wish you happiness and health always
Thank :heart_eyes::+1:

@L_e_m_o_n_T_e_a @Silver-Streak

I can’t because it’s not mine
I am a beginner :disappointed_relieved:
many thanks :blush: