[Solved] Why isn't my mouse over button working?

I’m trying to make a main menu where the buttons change appearance when the mouse hovers over them, it’s not doing it

When comparing cursor position you need to do something like this

Compare X position of object with X position of cursor. And the same for Y position.

oops! This won’t work either because condition is true only for a single point in the whole screen.
This will help

You can find how easily I implemented this in GD in my example.
My example “Tabbed Menu with layers” is available in GDevelop (b-96 or later)
Check that out.

Not just Hover effect there is also active effect for buttons.

Just one problem, I can’t find the “Cursor on” conditionwhere

Use the searchbar to find the Cursor on condition

I did I%20did

Why don’t you try this
change cards for plahbotton
The animation of plahbotton is 0/1 depends on the need

Because that command doesn’t exist

Maybe is for this.
Check in your preferences if Display assignment operators in Events is checkd

still no.where

Try this

well, I feel kinda dumb now, but thank you, that helps a lot!